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Simulcasts in Spanish

SimulcastsAudio, Video, Slides, CD-ROM, Web pages in the Language of Your Choice

EXCELSYS offers foreign language support in any media, including audio and video presentations, slides, complete graphic production, 35 mm films, subtitling, full color printing, etc.

EXCELSYS can deliver film dubbing, voice over, CD-ROM production - all in digital or analog format. Our narration services include a choice of male/female voice-overs, as well as a choice of studio.

Our experience in news and entertainment includes:

  • Spanish anchor, ABC-13 Houston Television Station. Translate and voice station Eyewitness News for Secondary Audio Program

  • Spanish anchor, ABC-13 Houston Television Station of 2001-2004 special events: Allyson Storm, Presidential debates, Offshore Technology Conference and other. Includes extensive simultaneous translation work.

  • Translated and voiced Houston Channel 11 News and Entertainment Specials such as "The Search for Energy” in 2001.